Our seeds are produced with no chemicals, no fertilization and no dig approach.

From our collection you won't find gmo seeds, or homogenized hybrids F1. 
You will find open-pollinated seeds, heirloom- and open source seeds.
In our garden we don't control pest anyway with organic products, we watering as minimum as possible .
We consider that any living thing is part of the artistic creation of the garden.
We also work in cooperation with (open source seed initiative) and the non-profit french association (Kokopelli).
But all the seeds in that list are from our garden located in Finland. 
If you would like to get some of our seeds, you can contact us by email and send us the variety list you wish.
You need to pay for the shipping  service and 2,50 euro per seed bag.
If you have any questions about seeds, how to grow them, about the difference in some variety- Please contact us .